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About Laniakea Translation Technology


Laniakea Translation Technology introduces the world’s first complete universal translation software empowering users to communicate in natural multilingual conversations both in person and long distance.

Our software currently translates conversations in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, German and over 100 languages total with more coming soon.

Lingfinity Translator allows users to converse in person with face to face translation software, coming soon will be offline mode which enables users to communicate when the internet is unavailable. Bluetooth will enable users to communicate in natural bilingual conversations hands free. Bluetooth pairing will allow two or more devices to connect into a translated conversation.

LIT, the Lost In Translation social network enables users to communicate multilingually through Messenger, Chatrooms, Blogs and more. LIT messenger empowers users to communicate long distance through both talk and text for instant bilingual conversations. LIT Chat allows up to 30 users to communicate simultaneously in different languages in a chat room setting.

Laniakea Technology is at the forefront creating a world that truly has no language barriers. Our mission is to create a world that is more united, under the harmony of no communication hurdles that divide us. Welcome to a language-less society!

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