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Laniakea Translation Technology

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Explore the world with no language barriers with the ability to communicate in over 70 languages in person, as well as 100+ with our long distance multilingual instant messenger, blog, and chatrooms with more coming soon.


This translator will make sure no language barrier will get in the way of your wanderlust!  Handheld mode enables users to communicate in two language simultaneously, Bluetooth mode gives users the ability to have natural bilingual conversations handsfree. No internet, no problem with offline mode, to have instant multilingual interactions when the internet is not available.


Use our bilingual instant messenger to conversate long distance in two languages simultaneously through both talk and text. Post to your multilingual social networking page where users will automatically see your post in their native language. Interact with up to 30 people at one time in 100+ languages in our multilingual chatrooms. Search for people, find common interests, and interact globally with people in over 100 languages instantly! Welcome to a truly language-less world!

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